Le Chéile Secondary School Vacancies 2017/18

The following vacancies have arisen for the year 2017/18 at Le Chéile Secondary School subject to the panel and final allocation of teachers to the school:

Maths and SEN 16 hours 40 (11 hours jobs share 5 hours 40 RPT)

Maths 16 hours 40 RPT

Business Studies with Accounting 22 hours RPT

Business and Geography 10 hours RPT

English and History 18 hours RPT

English 17 hours RPT

English and Geography 20 hours 40 RPT

German 6 hours RPT

Technical Graphics and MTW 22 hours RPT

Technical Graphics and MTW 10 hours RPT

Irish 20 hours RPT

Irish 18 hours 40 RPT

Music 12 hours RPT

Science with Physics and Maths 20 hours 40 RPT

Science with Maths 20 hours 40 RPT

Science with Biology 17 hours 20 minutes RPT

Science with Chemistry and Maths 21 hours 20 RPT

Physical Education 10 hours 40 RPT

Religious Education 18 hours RPT

Spanish 10 hours RPT

Combinations of subjects will be considered.

Applications should be made on the school application form only.  Applications must be typed. Handwritten forms will not be considered.  Applications without a teaching council number will not be considered.   A separate application form must be completed for each post being applied for.

Closing date for receipt of applications is May 22nd 2017 at 4pm.  Application forms should be returned by email to lecheilejobs@lecheilesecondaryschool.ie . No additional material should be attached to the application.

LeCheile Secondary School Application Form 2017- 2018