Chaplaincy at Le Chéile

The current School Chaplain is Fr Brian Whelan.

The Chaplain is a faith presence in the School. The role of the Chaplaincy is to ensure the spiritual welfare of each student is nurtured and provided for during the course of the student’s life at the school.
The Chaplain is also available to the staff, students and parents of the College in a pastoral capacity.

The Chaplain strives to provide for the diversity of worship needs among the students, and to further develop the faith life of students.
In particular, the Chaplain organises School Masses, Liturgies and prayers services; provides opportunities to meditate and worship in the Prayer Room; organises retreats for the different year groups both in and out of school.

The Chaplain is always available to the students to discuss any worries or anxieties which they may have,  and to offer support in difficult times. Students can make an appointment to meet the chaplain in a confidential non-judgmental and caring environment. The Chaplain is an advocate for the students within the school community.

The Chaplain is also a part of the school Care Team, which meets weekly to ensure the wellbeing of our students is taken care of.

The Chaplain works in close collaboration with the Principal, Deputy Principals, Year Heads and Tutors with regard to the spiritual and pastoral needs of all the students.