The Education Act 1998 states that “it shall be the duty of a Board to manage the school on behalf of the Patron (Trustees)”. The Trustees are the legal owners of the school which the Board of Management has been appointed to manage. The Trustees of Le Chéile Secondary School are The Le Chéile Schools Trust.

According to the Articles of Management of Voluntary Secondary Schools “The school shall be conducted in accordance with the religious and educational philosophy of the Trustees”. The Board of Management is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that the curriculum of the school is in accordance with the religious and educational criteria defined by the Trustees.

The Board must act in accordance with any act of the Oireachtas relating to the operation of the school.

The functions of the Board must be performed collectively. Individual members have no power to act on behalf of, or in the name of, the Board. The Board, however may authorise the Chairperson and/or another member, to act on its behalf, for a specified period of time in respect of a particular function or functions. The Principal acts as Secretary to the Board and is entitled to attend and speak at meetings but does not have a vote.

The School’s Board of Management is appointed by Trust Board. It is made up of eight members. At the moment there is an intern Board. A new Board of Management will be elected in October and will be made up of:

  • 4 nominees from the
    Trust Board
  • 2 elected nominees from
    the Parent Body
  • 2 elected nominees
    from the Teaching Staff

The Chairperson is appointed by the Trust Board and is chosen from the eight members.

  • The current Chairperson is Mr. Michael Denny.
  • The Principal of the school acts as Secretary to the Board of Management

Board of Management:

Mr. Michael Denny (Chairman)
Ms. Ann Donnelly
Mr. Anthony Hamilton
Ms. Verona Ní Bhroinn
Ms. Verna Barron
Ms. Sarah Finnegan
Ms. Antoinette Connolly
Mr. Russell Ahern

Secretary of the Board:

Ms. Leona Harrington

Recording Secretaries:

Ms Emer Walsh
Ms Róisin Ní Dhonncha

The School’s Management Team is made up of:

Ms Leona Harrington – Principal
Ms Emer Walsh – Deputy Principal
Ms Róisín Ní Dhonncha – (acting) Deputy Principal
Ms Fiona Byrne – AP1
Mrs Erin O Brien – AP1
Ms Aoife Latin – AP1 (acting)
Ms Leah Collins – AP2
Mr Brian McCann – AP1
Ms Ciara Sheehan – AP1 (acting)
Ms Sarah Finnegan – AP1
Mr Paul Kennedy – AP1
Mr Eoin Walshe – AP1
Ms Grainne Leddy – AP2
Ms Verna Barron – AP2
Ms Clodagh Carey – AP2
Mr Dylan Kershaw – AP2 (acting)

Agreed Reports from Meetings:

Agreed Report – September 2017 to June 2018                    Agreed Report – September 2018 to June 2019

Agreed Report 7-11-2017                                                               Agreed Report 12-09-2018

Agreed Report 13-12-2017                                                             Agreed Report 10-10-2018

Agreed Report 18-01-2018                                                             Agree Report 07-11-2018

Agreed Report 06-02-2108                                                            Agreed Report 23-01-2019

Agreed Report 11-04-2018                                                             Agreed Report 04-03-2019

Agreed Report 23-05-2018                                                            Agreed Report 08-05-2019

Agree Report 12-06-2019

Agreed Report – September 2019 to June 2020

Agreed Report 11-09-2019

Agreed Report 22-10-2019

Agreed Report 15-01-2020

Agreed Report 26-02-2020

Agreed Report 9-03-2020

Agreed Report 27-04-2020