Year Head

Each year group has its own Year Head.  This person takes a particular interest in each student in their care and has responsibility for both pastoral care of their year group and for discipline.

  • The First Year Year Head is Mr. McCann
  • The Second Year Year Head is Ms. Sheehan
  • The Third Year Year Head is Ms. Finnegan
  • TY & 5th year Year Head – Ms. Lattin – Mr. Kennedy (acting)
  • 6th year Year Head – Ms. Collins

Class Tutors

Each class have their own tutor who looks after the pastoral care of their class.  Each class have a ten minute tutorial every Monday to Thursday.  The following are the Class Tutors:

First year:

  • Dorothy Day – Ms. Keogh
  • Helen Keller – Mr. Gallen
  • Mahatma Gandhi – Ms. Burke
  • Mother Teresa – Ms. Leddy
  • Nelson Mandela – Clodagh Carey
  • Oscar Romero – Ms. Hempenstall

Second year:

  • Claddagh – Mr. McNulty
  • Helen Keller – Dr. Callaghan
  • Mahatma Gandhi – Ms. Doyle
  • Mother Teresa – Ms. McIllduff
  • Nelson Mandela – Ms. Heavey
  • Oscar Romero – Mr. Dunne

Third year:

  • Helen Keller – Ms. Coughlan
  • Mahatma Gandhi – Ms. Cahill
  • Mother Teresa – Mr. Creedon
  • Nelson Mandela – Ms. Byrnes
  • Oscar Romero – Ms. Watson

Transition year:

  • Mahatma Gandhi – Ms. Fitzpatrick
  • Oscar Romero – Ms. Finnegan

Fifth year:

  • Dorothy Day – Ms. Walsh
  • Helen Keller – Ms. Barron
  • Mahatma Gandhi – Mr. Byrne
  • Mother Teresa – Ms. Nucifora
  • Nelson Mandela – Ms. McGee
  • Oscar Romero – Mr. Kelly

Sixth year:

  • Mahatma Gandhi – Ms. Stanley
  • Mother Teresa – Ms. Muldoon
  • Nelson Mandela – Mr. Park
  • Oscar Romero – Mr. Rodgers

Angel Groups

Mentoring and caring for others is an important part of the culture of Le Cheile Secondary School.  1st Year and  2nd Year students are placed in groups to help them fit in easily at Le Cheile and form new friendships.