In Le Chéile Secondary School we acknowledge the support of our parents in the iPad initiative. We anticipate this support will continue and that this initiative will enhance teaching and learning for all participating students.

This policy must be read in conjunction with the Le Chéile Secondary School’s draft Internet Acceptable User Policy (AUP) which is published on the Le Chéile Secondary School’s website:


Parents/Guardians are responsible for purchasing the iPad and Apps for their child. Parents/Guardians are also responsible for the safe-keeping, repair and insurance of their child’s iPad. Parents retain ownership and possession of the iPad and agree to grant to teachers and school management the right to collect and/or inspect and/or confiscate (for a limited period) the iPad at any time and the right to alter, add or delete installed software or hardware. Usage, within the school is a privilege and not a right. Students may lose their right to use the iPad and to have it in their possession if they abuse their responsibilities and breach this Policy, the school’s AUP.

Substitution of Equipment

In the event that a student’s iPad is inoperable, the school will try to provide a spare iPad or books for use while the student’s iPad is repaired or replaced. This agreement remains in effect for the substitute iPad. However, only one substitute iPad will be provided to a student at any one time. If a student damages, forgets to bring this replacement iPad to school, or comes to school with it uncharged, a substitute will not be provided.

Damage of Loss of Equipment

Students must report any damage or loss to either their Tutor, Year Head or the Principal, who will determine necessary action. iPads are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty of one year. The warranty covers manufacturer’s defects. If an iPad is lost or damaged by neglect or misuse it is the family’s financial responsibility to replace the iPad. If an iPad is damaged, the school will work with the student and supplier to resolve any warranty issues.

Standards for Personal iPad Care

Students Responsibilities:

  • Arrive to school each day with a fully charged iPad.
  • Keep the iPad within a protective case and in your locker when not in use.
  • Do not let anyone use the iPad other than your parents and teachers.
  • Adhere to this policy and the (AUP) of Presentation at all times.
  • Report any problems, damage or theft immediately to either the Tutor, Year Head or Principal.
  • Report any issues and/or interference created by any other students because of iPad possession, use or ownership.
  • If you go home from school without reporting any damage or interference that may have occurred during the school day, school management will presume that the damage and/or interference took place outside of school time.
  • iPads are to be left in lockers when students are on tours, trips and activities or at home if not in school.
  • Before arrival to school and at the start of each class ensure that all APPS are closed
  • iPad must be laid flat on the desk for all classes unless otherwise directed by the teacher.

Parental Responsibilities

  • Parents should inspect the iPad each evening to ensure that it is in good working order.
  • Parents should report, immediately, any damage, interference or issues relating to ownership, possession or use of the iPad to school management.
  • Parents should inspect the iPad and the installed Apps on a regular basis to ensure that there is no inappropriate material.
  • Parents should monitor students use of iPads when not in school particularly during homework and study times.

School’s Responsibilities
To enforce this Policy, the AUP, the Code of Behaviour and School Rules.

  • To make every effort to ensure quiet use and enjoyment of the iPad by all students.
  • To provide a locker for safe storage for all students who use an iPad.
  • School will make every effort to resolve any reported issues relating to ownership, possession or use of the iPad.

General Care

  • Keep the equipment clean. For example, do not eat or drink while using the iPad.
  • Students may not permanently alter the iPad in any way.
  • Students may not remove any serial numbers, identification or school labels placed on the iPad.

Carrying the iPad

Transport the iPad in the closed iPad case while in school and in school bag when travelling to and from school.
Leave the iPad in locker when not in use including break times.

Screen Care

Clean the screen with a soft, dry anti-static cloth or with a screen cleaner designed specifically for LCD type screens only.
Cover – Screen Cover prevents against scratches.

Personal Health & Safety

  • Avoid extended use of the iPad while resting directly on your lap. The bottom of the iPad can generate significant heat.
  • Take frequent breaks when using the iPad for long periods of time. Look away from the iPad approximately every fifteen minutes.
  • Do not provide your personal information to anyone over the Internet.
  • Do not share your passwords with anyone.
  • Keep the iPad in a secure location when it is not at school.

Restricted use & Confiscation

Students who breach this Policy and/or the AUP and/or any reasonable standards of use of the iPad will be subject to sanction. An iPad may also be confiscated for a limited period because of misuse either by the student or any other student. Reasons for placing a student on Restrictive Use and or confiscation include, but are not limited to the following:

Excessive damage


  • Non-acceptance and/or compliance with this policy and the AUP.
  • Inappropriate use of any App, camera, voice recorder or messaging.
  • Inappropriate, inaccurate, defamatory, obscence, or illegal material found on the iPad.
  • Violating standards for Personal iPad Care.
  • Failing to co-operate with school’s investigations of iPad misuse.
  • Repeated failure to bring iPad to class.

During the confiscation period hard copies of course work will be supplied in lieu of the student’s iPad.

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